Troubleshooting Tips

Signing up for Shift Swap

  • To use Shift Swap you must first register using your email address.
  • Be sure to type your email address carefully.
  • The Swap system will send an email containing a confirmation link to that address .
  • The email may take a few minutes to arrive.
  • Once you click on the confirmation link your account will be active.

We have found that rejects emails from the Coop as spam, so it might be better to use a different address if is your email provider (Gmail is a popular choice).

Swap says my username or email is already in use?!

If you choose a username that is already registered, you’ll have to choose a different one.

If Shift Swap tells you that your email already exists in the system, just Reset Your Password (a special reset link will be sent to the email address you have on file).

But I Had an Account on the Old System!

Most old user accounts were not migrated to the new system. All you need to do it Register and you’ll be swapping in no time.

If you were one of the few people who (1) had a user account on the old system and (2) had a swap posting that was active as of 9/18/2017, then your account was migrated. You’ll need to Reset Your Password to access the new system.

Oops, I made a mistake and need to edit my swap post!

You cannot edit your post. Instead, Delete Your Swap and add a new one. We’ve found that it’s better if posts are permanent and unchanging until the shift they refer to has past (or is deleted), that way you and your swap partner are guaranteed to see the same information, always.

I forgot my password!

Please Reset Your Password.

I forgot my username!

You can Login with either your username or your email address as an identifier, so long as that email address has been registered with the Shift Swap system. Once you are logged in, click on My Profile and you can look up (but not modify) your username.

I don’t remember which email address I used to register!

Try as many addresses as you like. You can register with a new address if you prefer, but this will make a new account. If you try to Reset Your Password and the email address you provide hasn’t been registered, the system will let you know. If you already registered with a particular email address, then you’ll receive a password reset link (and then you’ll know that’s the right email address to use).

Do I have to use the auto-generated password I see when I reset my password or create a new account?

No, although the system will suggest a high-security password for your use. Feel free to blank the “New Password” box and type one you prefer. As you type, the color will change to indicate a weak (red) or strong (green) password.

What do I do if I have tried everything and still can’t access shift swap?

Please make sure the Shift Swap system recognizes your e-mail address  — see “I don’t remember which email address I used to register!” — for steps to do this. If the system does not recognize your address, then you may have entered the address incorrectly, in other words there is a typo in your address. In this case, start again from scratch and this time double-check that your address is typed correctly. Once you have done this step, if it still is not working for you, please feel free to contact the Membership Office and ask to speak to a Membership Coordinator (a member of the Coop’s paid staff).

Can I post for my roommate/housemate/partner?

Yes! But be sure to be very clear and specific about which member’s shift is being swapped. The member swapping will need to know the name and member number of the person whose name will show up on the attendance page.

It might be best if your roommate/housemate/partner were to create their own account and post their own swap. Or, if you are managing/doing your roommate/housemate/partner’s shift, then consider creating a separate account on Shift Swap for each of you. If you do this, you will need to use a different e-mail address for each account.

Does the username/password work for anything else?

Sadly no, at this time the password you use for Shift Swap is only for swapping.

Will the swap I arrange here be reflected in the attendance book?

No, you will need to sign-in just as you normally would for any shift. Talk to the Squad Leader when you arrive and let them know you are swapping shifts with your swap partner, who will be the person listed in the attendance book. Sign your name in the “Member Working” column next to the pre-printed name of the member with whom you are swapping.