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Troubleshooting Tips

Registering for Member Services

  • To register for Member Services, you must use the email address in your Coop member record.
  • Don’t remember what email address you gave the Coop? Please come in to the Membership Office to change your email address.
  • Be sure to carefully type your email address.
  • An email will be sent containing a secure link to that address. Please allow a few minutes for that email to arrive.
  • Check your spam folder in case the email went there.
  • You must click the link in the email to be taken to the set password page.
  • After setting your password, return to the Member Services homepage to login. often rejects emails from Coop addresses as spam. We recommend you use a different email provider to avoid this problem. Gmail is a popular choice.

Member Services says my email is invalid.

You will need to use the email address the Coop Membership Office has on file for you. If you do not know which address is on file or have not provided an email address to the Coop, please come in to the Membership Office to update your email address.

I forgot my password.

Please Reset Your Password. An email will be sent to the email address on file with a secure link to reset your password.

I forgot which email I used to register for Member Services.

You can login using your member number or the email you used to register. Don’t remember that email? Please come in to the Membership Office to change your email address.

I want to change my password.

Login to your Member Services account and click on Settings to change your password.

Forgot your password? Please Reset Your Password.

I want to change the email address I use for my Member Services account.

Please come in to the Membership Office to change or update your email address. After the change has been made, you can login with the new email address and the password you have been using.

I have tried everything and still can’t register or access Member Services.

  • Confirm that Member Services recognizes your email. Follow steps outlined in “Member Services says my email is invalid” above.
  • Verify that you have entered your email address correctly. Check for typos!
  • Do not auto-fill your email address or password. Re-type the information to make sure that you are entering it correctly.
  • When all else fails, contact the Membership Office and speak to a Membership Coordinator (a member of the Coop’s paid staff).

What information can I see for other members of my household?

You will always be able to see who is in your household and their Coop member status, regardless of whether your housemates are registered Members Services users.

Housemates who are registered Member Services users can also choose to share more detailed information with each other. If you wish to share your information with your housemates, see the "Household Information" section on Settings. Choosing "yes" there will allow other members of your household with Member Services accounts to see more detailed information about your status, work assignment, and upcoming shifts.

If your housemate(s) have chosen to share household information, their names will appear as links under the "Household Status" section of your information. Use these links to view your housemates' status, work assignment and upcoming shifts.

The Coop recommends that every member of the household create their own Member Services account. Every member will need to use a different email address that must be unique for each account. No sharing of email addresses is allowed.

I just worked, but Member Services has not updated my record.

Please be patient. It can take up to 48 hours for your work to be recorded in the Coop’s membership system. Please check 2-3 days after the day you work.

Does the username/password work for anything else?

Sadly no. At this time, the password you choose is only for Member Services.