Coop Turkey and Other Meats Information

Please be aware that delivery dates and delivered turkey sizes may differ from what we’ve been told by our suppliers. The Coop will have received roughly 800 birds by Saturday, 11/18, and second shipments will arrive Monday 11/20.

All the turkeys are slaughtered by the week before Thanksgiving (the week of 11/13).  So, waiting until the week of Thanksgiving to purchase a turkey will not get you a fresher bird. All of our turkeys will have a use-by date that is after Thanksgiving.

If you have adequate space and an appropriate temperature in your home refrigerator (approximately 35 degrees), we encourage you to shop early if you want your pick of sizes. The smaller sizes go quickly! And, for those interested in history,  last year we had sold of out turkey by early in the morning on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

In addition to the wide selection of turkeys, the Coop also has available for  your  Thanksgiving meal:
  • D’Artagnan Poussin
  • D’Artagnan Pekin Duck
  • D’Artagnan Goose
  • D’Artagnan racks of lamb and lamb leg roasts
  • Hudson Valley Harvest sweet and hot italian sausage

Because of limited space on the floor and in our basement refrigerators we will have limited or no supplies of:

  • Pierless fish, primarily Ora King salmon
  • No Bell and Evans chickens
  • Low inventory of D’Artagnan Green Circle and organic whole chickens, breasts and thighs

Please read the FAQs below, and check back later this week and next week if you want updates about what is still in stock.


Q: What is the shelf life of a turkey?

In the case of Thanksgiving turkey, the shelf life is the date by which the turkey should be cooked, otherwise known as the use-by date. The use-by date differs slightly from supplier to supplier, and the specifics will be listed on the packaging of the individual turkeys. All our delivered turkeys have use-by dates that fall after Thanksgiving.

The turkeys are stored at under 35 degrees from the processor, and at 30 degrees once at the Coop. Because the cold chain is guaranteed from processor to the Coop, you can have confidence that the use-by/sell-by dates on your turkey are accurate.

To ensure freshness after you get the turkey home, we recommend you check your fridge temperatures and make sure they are set at 35-40 degrees. If you have freezer space, you can put the turkey in your freezer first for 24 hours, and then put it into your fridge. This will deep chill the turkey, but not freeze it, to further guarantee the printed shelf life on the label. If you do actually freeze your turkey, make sure you allow 1 day of thawing time for every 4lbs of turkey. For example, a 12lb turkey will take 3 days to thaw in the refrigerator. Never thaw at room temperature!

Q: Which turkeys are free-range, which are cage free?

All our turkeys are cage free and have access to the outdoors, even those listed below as being raised indoors. All the turkeys are also hormone & antibiotic free. McDonald Farm, Lancaster Farm Fresh, Hidden Camp Farm and Snowdance Farm keep their turkeys outside on pasture with access to shelter for most of their lives. Wise Kosher, Plainville, Koch, D’Artagnan are raised indoors, but cage-free.

Q: Do we have organic turkey?

Yes, we do. Hidden Camp Farm is pastured and organic; D’Artagnan and Wise Kosher are organic. (Wise will be frozen and available from the freezer.)

Q: Why is organic so expensive?

Organic turkey will cost more per pound due to the cost of feed and organic certification.

Q: Why is pastured so expensive?

Pastured turkeys are labor intensive to raise. Typically they also come from small family farms that do not raise the same volume of turkeys as larger producers and so must charge more per pound to cover their costs and earn a living.

Q: What turkey is locally raised?

All our turkeys are raised either in New York State, or Pennsylvania, except for D’Artagnan turkeys which come from farms in Minnesota.

Q: Do we carry a heritage breed turkey?

Yes, we do. McDonald Farms is our supplier of Heritage turkeys. They raised a flock of 75 Orlopp Bronze just for the coop.

Q: Do we buy turkeys from small farmers?

Yes! This season we purchased roughly 500 turkeys from small farmers, including Hidden Camp Farm, Snowdance Farm, Lancaster Farm Fresh, and McDonald Farm.

Turkey Terms

Pastured: The birds were provided shelter, food and water, and the majority of their life was spent outdoors.

Organic: The product meets USDA organic standards. There is no use of synthetics, hormones or antibiotics, and the turkeys must also be fed certified organic grain.

Cage-Free: Indicates the flock was able to roam freely in an enclosed area (though not necessarily outside).

ABF: Antibiotic Free


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