Updated Coop Shift Swap

The Coop is pleased to announce an improved shift swap system to help members find other members willing to trade shifts when absent. Trading is a great way to avoid having to do make-ups, and it helps the Coop by ensuring that enough members show up for work when they are expected.

Follow the “Arrange a Shift Swap” link in the “Working at the Coop” section of this page to access the updated shift swap.

The old shift swap is no longer available, but we’ve moved over all the information for members who had “active swaps” posted. What is an “active swap?” A swap posted on the old shift swap site for shifts dated Monday, Sept 18 or later.

If you had an active swap posted on the old shift swap: your post(s) and account are in the updated shift swap. In the new system, use the email address linked to your old shift swap account to “reset your password.”  Once you’ve done this you can log in, manage your current swap and post additional swaps.

If you didn’t have an active swap, no problem! Visit the updated shift swap to register for an account. Your old account information has not been imported, so you’ll be starting from scratch in setting up a new account for swapping shifts.



Thanks—we have received your request to attend the GM for credit.

The Membership Office will review your request in order to confirm your eligibility to receive credit. If you are not eligible to attend we will communicate with you by the Thursday before the GM at the latest.

If it is after 9 AM on the Thursday prior to the GM, please be aware that confirming eligibility to attend is mostly a manual process and we may not be able to check your eligibility prior to the GM.

An explanation of who is eligible can be found here.

General Meeting Signup Form

General Meeting on

Sorry, there was a problem:

    Step 1

    Provide information below for the person who will actually ATTEND the GM:

    Member Attending the GM

    Step 2

    Tell us how to apply the GM work credit:

    Complete the statement below by selecting ONE of the two options.

    “The member listed above will attend the General Meeting ...


    You must agree to the terms below in order to complete your online request to attend the General Meeting for credit.

    Please indicate your agreement by typing your initials in each box below.

    1. I understand that I may receive only TWO GM attendance work credits per calendar year.
    2. If my work assignment is OTHER THAN Shopping, Receiving/Stocking, Food Processing, Office, Maintenance, Inventory, or FTOP committee, I understand that I must speak to my supervising staff member for approval to attend the GM for workslot credit.
    3. I understand that I will receive credit for the GM only if I arrive on time by 7:00 p.m. and remain for the entire meeting, which may occasionally extend beyond 9:45 p.m., if/when an extension is approved by meeting attendees.
    4. I understand in order to receive credit for the meeting I must sign the attendance sheets made available after the meeting business has been concluded.

      I have read and agree to the above terms.
    You must check this box and initial each item above to complete signup.