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The Membership Office will review your request in order to confirm your eligibility to receive credit. If you are not eligible to attend we will communicate with you by the Thursday before the GM at the latest.

If it is after 9 AM on the Thursday prior to the GM, please be aware that confirming eligibility to attend is mostly a manual process and we may not be able to check your eligibility prior to the GM.

An explanation of who is eligible can be found here.

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    2. If my work assignment is OTHER THAN Shopping, Receiving/Stocking, Food Processing, Office, Maintenance, Inventory, or FTOP committee, I understand that I must speak to my supervising staff member for approval to attend the GM for workslot credit.
    3. I understand that I will receive credit for the GM only if I arrive on time by 7:00 p.m. and remain for the entire meeting, which may occasionally extend beyond 9:45 p.m., if/when an extension is approved by meeting attendees.
    4. I understand in order to receive credit for the meeting I must sign the attendance sheets made available after the meeting business has been concluded.

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    Climate March Bus Tickets

    The March General Meeting voted to endorse and donate to the April 29 March for Climate, Jobs and Justice in Washington, D.C. The Coop has reserved 3 buses for members and friends with reduced rate seats. The buses leave promptly at 6:00am from Grand Army Plaza and will return Saturday night. Join fellow Coop members to show our support for building a strong and vibrant movement to protect our planet.

    If you want to help do outreach, art work for banners and posters, or be a bus captain, contact

    Tickets for Buses to Climate March on April 29

    For further info on Climate March:

    Board Election Results

    The Coop’s June 28 Annual/General Meeting elected the following Board members: Rachel Asher, Imani Q’Ryn, and Allen Zimmerman. Imani and Allen were elected to three-year terms, Rachel was elected to a two-year term. Other serving Board members are: Eunju Lee, Bill Penner, and the longest serving General Coordinator present at each General Meeting.

    The Coop’s corporate officers were also elected: Imani Q’Ryn, President; Rachel Asher, Vice-President; General Coordinator Tricia Leith, Treasurer; Jesse Rosenfeld, Secretary.

    Look for a full report on the June Annual and General Meetings in the July 21 issue of the Linewaiters’ Gazette.