Board Election Results

The Coop’s June 28 Annual/General Meeting elected the following Board members: Rachel Asher, Imani Q’Ryn, and Allen Zimmerman. Imani and Allen were elected to three-year terms, Rachel was elected to a two-year term. Other serving Board members are: Eunju Lee, Bill Penner, and the longest serving General Coordinator present at each General Meeting.

The Coop’s corporate officers were also elected: Imani Q’Ryn, President; Rachel Asher, Vice-President; General Coordinator Tricia Leith, Treasurer; Jesse Rosenfeld, Secretary.

Look for a full report on the June Annual and General Meetings in the July 21 issue of the Linewaiters’ Gazette.

Job Openings at the Coop

The Coop offers a competitive salary and benefits package and seeks an applicant pool that reflects the diversity of the Coop’s membership. See below for the complete job descriptions.

Instructions for application and prerequisites are specific to the individual positions, so please follow the guidelines provided on the job descriptions. All applicants must be Coop members.


Receiving Coordinators: Evenings/Weekends